NeXTcube from Steve Jobs

The Cube I have

NeXT-cube-set Some info from Wiki :
Developer : NeXT
Manufacturer : NeXT, Fremont, California plant
Type : Workstation
Release date : September 18, 1990; 24 years ago
Introductory price : US$10,000 ($18,051 in 2015)
Discontinued : 1993
Operating system : NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, NetBSD (limited support)
CPU : Motorola 68040 @ 25 MHz, 56001 digital signal processor (DSP)
Memory : 16–64 MB (will try to find out how much I have on this cube soon)
Dimensions : 1-foot (305 mm) die-cast magnesium cube-shaped case
Successor : NeXTcube Turbo

NeXTStep-manual-books I only have a Cube, a CD-ROM, an installer CD , a floppy disk, 4 books. I missed the Display and keyboard and mouse to get it work.

top left is "Setup and Tutorials"
top right is "The NeXTSTEP Decision"
bottom right is "NEXTSTEP"

If I can get the cube works, I should be able to have sufficient material and get a try on this "new" operation system other than System 6 or 7 on the Motorola 68k cpu.

NeXTcube-front-view-with-CDROM Some info I got from :
display: 1120x832 17" grayscale
OS: requires NeXTstep 2.0 or later
CPU: 25 MHz 68040
performance: 15 MIPS, 2 MFLOPS
ROM: 128 KB
RAM: 16 MB, expandable to 64 MB
VRAM: 256 KB
video: 1120 x 832 at 2-bits
L2 cache: unknown
hard drive: 340 MB
floppy drive: 2.88 MB
networking: thinnet and 10Base-T ethernet

NeXTcube-back-view ADB ports: unknown
RS-423 serial ports: 2
parallel port: yes
SCSI-2 ports: unknown
NuBus slots: unknown
NeXTbus slots: unknown
PDS slot: unknown


NeXT-CD-ROM-Drive-N3010 Capacity Data: 680 MB
Block size (bytes) 2048/1024/512
Access time: 380 ms (average)
Rotational Speed
Inner tracks 530 rpm at CLV = 1.4 m/s
Outer tracks 200 rpm at CLV = 1.4 m/s
Buffer RAM: 64 KB
Data Transfer Rate
Sustained: 150 KB/sec
Burst: 1.5 MB
Electrical Requirements:
AC line voltage: 100 to 240V
Frequency: 50 to 60 hertz
Power consumption: 0.25A

NeXTcube-internal After opened the back panel, the cube have 4 slots. The first from right hand side and the first from left hand side is empty. The second from right hand side is the CPU logic board. The second from left is display board.


NeXTcube-display-board Intel i860 using in this display board.

4 RAM slots have been used up. Need to figure out how many MB has been installed. Seems need 4 banks as a set.

A Bt463 chip using on left bottom side. Need to figure out what it is soon.

Another Nubus slot on the middle right hand side ?

NeXTcube-logic-main-board CPU marked as XC68040RC25 on the logic board. So, it should be a Motorola 68040 cpu with 25MHz.

4 RAM slots have been used up. Need to figure out how many MB has been installed. Seems need 4 banks as a set. Total have 16 slots.

A Bt463 chip using on left bottom side. Need to figure out what it is soon.

Another RAM slot on the middle right hand side ?

NeXT-cube-PRAM-NeXT-1991 The PRAM battery is Panasonic 3V Lithium BR-2/3A.

The ROM states : NeXT Computer Inc @ 1991 Rev 2.4 v65.

The whole board is so clean and seems to be seldom used as all, in excellent condition !! Need to find a work-a-round method to get it have display.

The chip next to it is Motorola XSP5600IRC20.

NeXTcube-video port-1 This special 19 pin socket need to connect to a triangular box and then connect back to the keyboard. So, it should include some kind of pins of keyboard and mouse. I need to figure out too.

I thought it was a video display port according to the graphic markings.

However, when I bring Macintosh PowerPC 6100 or 9600 or Color Classic or Quadra 950 display adaptor out, it is not the same pins layout.

NeXTcube-video port-2 On the left hand side of the Cube back side, I found this another strange socket like the photo. It contains 2 bigger holes on top and 1 bigger hole on bottom.

This is something I have no idea what the socket is ? May be it is specially for NeXT monitor ? I would like to find some adaptor to convert the signal to a normal CRT or LCD display if possible.

Thanks to Pozdrawiam Grzesiek of his information and provided link :
"This jack is for connecting a monitor. All Sun Microsystem servers and stations that had an additional better graphics card (Creator 3D) had this output. The socket is called 13W3. You can buy an adapter or the entire cable."